Sundays Well is a suburb of the city of Cork in Ireland. It is situated in the north-west of the city, on a ridge on the northern bank of the River Lee. The name is derived from an ancient holy well which was situated on the present Sunday’s Well Rd. Crowds walked around the well on Sunday afternoons, arriving by ferry. The ferry service crossed the river at the point where the Shaky Bridge now stands. Wellington Bridge did not yet exist.

In 1946, road improvement work was carried out on the Sunday’s Well Road near its western end, to ‘give extra width for the carriageway and footpath’. ‘The holy well was exposed to view for the first time for a considerable number of years.

There is a plaque on Sunday's Well Road marking the location of a holy well but I have failed to locate the plaque or the well. Official description: "This roughly-finished plaque may indicates the site of the holy well after which the area is named, and possibly dates to the inscribed year, 1644. The inscription is finely-executed with the cross embellishment providing further interest. A similar plaque appears in an engraving published in the early nineteenth century by William West of Cork."

I have been informed that the plaque and well are located at the Shakey Bridge [the Daly Pedestrian Bridge].

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