This is an interesting area to visit at night but because of the variety of lights it is difficult to photograph in the area.

The Lagan Weir, completed in 1994 at a cost of £14m, is located in Belfast and crosses the River Lagan between the Queen Elizabeth Bridge and the M3 cross-harbour bridge.

The "Lagan Lookout" housing the weir controls, CCTV surveillance system and visitors centre also formed part of the project and is located on the Donegall Quay side of the river. The visitor's centre is located upstairs in the Lagan Lookout building and houses a public exhibition to provide information on the function of the weir and the history of the River Lagan. The weir gate control centre, security, CCTV system and welfare facilities for River Management personnel are located on the ground floor. Equipment storage is located in the basement. The Lagan Weir consists of five weir gates and four intermediate gatehouses. A tunnel traverses under the River Lagan, which connects to both quaysides and to each of the gatehouses. Primarily, this provides access to the gatehouses for maintaining the weir gate motors.

A pedestrian footbridge was constructed over the weir and connects Donegall Quay with Queen's Quay. The original bridge, which was narrow and required spiral access ramps at either end, was located above the weir gates and supported by the weir gatehouse structures. This was demolished in 2014 in order to be replaced in 2015 by a new structure, which would provide access for both cyclists and pedestrians. The new bridge was erected by GRAHAM Construction at a cost of £5,000,000. It is 120m long and 10m wide at its widest point.

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