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They are currently installing a set of pedestrian controlled traffic lights at the entrance to Kings Inns Park which is good news as far as I am concerned.

On the right hand side of my photograph is Kings Inns Park and a through-path via Henrietta Street to Bolton Street. The road is known as Constitution Hill and the building that looks like an office block is a student accommodation complex. Across the road is the new Broadstone Luas Tram Stop and entrance to the new Grangegorman College campus. This stop is one of two serving the college campus. At the very left of the photograph at the green traffic light is the beginning of Phibsborough Road. Unless you actually visit you will find it difficult to understand the layout and even then it is not clear as to how every thing will function when very large [54m] high frequency trams are introduced in December.

This set of traffic lights may not mean much to most of my readers but it is of great interest to me. I live in an apartment which is located between Bolton Street and Henrietta Street. If I use the front entrance I am on Bolton Street which has a lot of traffic most times of the day and there are no controlled pedestrian crossing which is surprising when one considers that there is a girls school and a large college on the street. A few months ago, because of the Luas Tram project, a traffic light controlled pedestrian crossing has been installed but it is not yet operational.

If I leave through the back entrance I am on Henrietta Place [a back lane] which connects to Henrietta Street which is effectively in Dublin 7 [it is actually in Dublin 1 but I have encountered a lot of issues with this over the years ... for example when water charges were introduced I tried to register as required but they could not progress the application as they were unable to confirm my address and despite a number of phone conversations I never received any bills].

If I go to the end of Henrietta Street [there are only 16 houses] I arrive at the entrance to Kings Inns Park which is without doubt in Dublin 7 and if I pass through the park I am across the road from the new Tram Stop [Broadstone] which will also be an entrance to the new Grangegorman College Campus. Because of traffic coming from multiple directions it has not been easy to cross the road here.

A few days I noticed a new set of traffic lights on Constitution Hill so it is most likely that I will use the Broadstone tram stop rather than the stop on Lower Dominick Street. Currently Kings Inns Park closes at night and at weekends and bank holidays so this could impact on access to the Tram Stop at Broadstone.

I have had a number of discussions with local business owners and residents and most are uncertain if the impact of The Cross-City Tram Service will have a negative or positive impact on the area. I believe that the impact will be huge and there could be many unexpected negative aspects to that impact.