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This was my second day using the Sony RX0 and as a stand alone camera it is not easy to use especially if you have fat fingers or is your eyesight is not good. Based on my experience to date I would suggest that you really need to control the camera using a smartphone [I don't have one] and it also needs to be mounted on a tripod which to some extent defeats the advantage of it size. For me the main issue is battery life which has been compounded by the fact that one cannot purchase a spare battery at present because the retailers have yet yet to receive any stock.

The RX0 camera uses the same sensor as the Sony Cybershot RX100 V which may be a much better choice if you require a high quality general purpose easy to carry camera.

I should say that I actually like this camera but I am not sure if I could really recommend it for general use.

One problem that I have noticed is that there are many online reviews of Sony products that are usually described as "Hands On Review" which actually means that the reviewer has attended a product launch and has used the camera under controlled conditions. Unfortunately such reviews give you no idea as to what the camera is capable of and of course they never mention any problems other than trivial issues. Because of this there are now two camps [1] people who love Sony products because they get invited to events. [2] People who have nothing good to say about Sony and who believe that anyone who uses Sony is a "Sony Fanboy", I assume that these people get invited to Canon or Nikon