The Scoozi restaurant first opened for business in Cork in 1993 however I never noticed it until last year but I did not get a chance to have a meal there until this week [14th. July 2016].

Some locals advised me that it was well worth a visit but that as it can be very busy I should be prepared to queue which is something that I am not willing to do. I don’t like queues in general but especially at restaurants because I feel that I am under pressure to vacate the table sooner than I would like. I like to take my time when having a meal.

I visited the restaurant because it started to rain very heavy just as I was passing by.

On entering I was greeted by a charming gentleman who offered me a choice of four different tables. I would describe the restaurant as being very busy but I did not notice any queues but customers had on arriving to wait a few minutes to be shown to a table.

The menu is designed to appeal to a wide range of tastes [young children right through to grandparents]. The staff were excellent and very helpful and, of course, friendly.

Scoozi is described by the owners as being inexpensive but I would consider the pricing as being similar to Milano which means that the bill can be on the high side if you are not careful. At least the staff do not try to up-sell.

If you are an adult seeking a ‘sense of occasion’ this may not be a suitable venue but if you want a good meal during the day or if you have children then Scoozi is a very good choice.

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