Fota Wildlife Park is set on 70 acres on the scenic Fota Island in the heart of Cork Harbour only 15 minutes from Cork City by train.

In 2005 I visited Fota Park in Cork but the weather was so bad that I ended up with no usable photographs.

In 2012 I had a more suitable camera but the conditions were almost as bad with few breaks in the rain. However, using Lightroom 4 made it possible to process most of the photographs but the images are inclined to be a bit soft. Towards the end of 2015 I am now using Lightroom 6 which is a much better product than version 4 or version 5.

I visited again in 2014 but I did not have any spare batteries which was really annoying. I did not realise that when I left my hotel room power to all wall sockets switched off and my spare batteries did not charge [ solution put a business card in the slot when you remove your hotel key-card on leaving the room].

I did not visit Fota Wildlife Park in 2015 because I did not have sufficient time.

The park is not like an ordinary zoo because you can come face to face with free roaming animals and birds from all parts of the world. So whether it's a kangaroo that hops in front of you or a ring tailed lemur which jumps down from a tree, each visit is sure to bring its own fantastic memories.

I hope that you enjoy this series of photographs

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