Today I visited the area near Clontarf Railway Station and the first location that I visited was "The Crescent".

The first thing that caught my attention was that there is a public park named "Bram Stoker Park". To the best of my knowledge the park was named Marino Crescent Park and i was acquired by the Corporation in the mid 1980's. According to some accounts there is a pavilion where bands sometimes perform but I did notice such a structure during my visit.

Back in November 2007 two houses [13 and 14 Marino Crescent] were offered for sale at Euro 1.62 million each. At the time I had intended to visit Clontarf in order to photograph them but I forgot to do so. Both houses were built in 1792 and it was claimed that when they were being constructed the builders discovered bones which proved to be remains from the Battle of Clontarf.

Bram Stoker, who created Dracula, was born at 15 Marino Crescent in 1847, to Abraham Stoker and Charlotte Mathilda Blake Thornley. He was one of seven children and spent the first seven years of his life in bed due to a mystery sickness.

The Russian Crown Jewels, security for a loan of $20,000, were hidden in number 15 by Harry Boland's mother. They remained safely there during the Civil War when Harry was assassinated and Michael Collins killed. The jewels were eventually reclaimed by the Russian government and the $20,000 loan was repaid.

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