In August 2016 I noticed a restaurant at 73 Manor Street named the "Cowtown Cafe Restaurant" and at the time I wondered why is was so named. I did not give the matter much thought as the restaurant had a different name every time I was in the area: Cucina2, Evelyn’s, Seven Grill House, Seven. The restaurant has retained its name.

A few weeks ago I was photographing at Hanlon's Corner and a local told me that the area including Manor Street and Prussia Street was known as Cowtown when she was young. She also mentioned that the area was overrun by rats because of the market. I really enjoy meeting and talking to such people but I already knew about Cowtown because I had come across some paint-a-box street art in the area that featured a cow and that was titled "Bo" [Bo is the Irish for cow] and when I checked the story behind the art I discovered the relationship between the Stoneybatter Area and the Dublin Cattle Market. I could not find any reference to rats but my mother, who will be 100 in May, agreed that the woman's claim is correct and she should know as her family were Meath cattle farmers.

In the 1950s the Dublin Cattle Market, located on Prussia Street in Stoneybatter was the largest weekly livestock sale in Europe. The numbers were huge. More than a million cattle, sheep and pigs exported 'on the hoof' annually from Dublin via the market.

The Cattle Market was held each Wednesday and attracted buyers from all over the UK and Ireland. I visited it a few times and was horrified so I was not too upset when fewer than 350 cattle passed through the last market in May 1973.

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