Every time I visited Cobh since 2006 I have encountered really wet weather and this was my second worst visit but at least the rain was not constant and I got the opportunity to take some photographs.

Annie Moore from Cobh became the first new arrival ever processed at Ellis Island in New York, when the immigration facility opened on New Year’s Day, 1892.

The seventeen/eighteen year old girl from Cobh arrived as a steerage passenger on the SS Nevada and on arrival was presented with a $10 gold piece by the island’s superintendent.

According to local newspapers Moore had travelled from Ireland with her brothers Joe and Tom and had arrived, by chance, on her 15th birthday. In reality the boys were named Anthony and Philip and Annie was at least 17 years old. Her parents, who were already living in New York, may have lied about the children’s ages to get reduced fares.

Sadly the claims that Annie had a wonderful life in the US and that she had married a descendent of Daniel O'Connell and that she moved to Texas proved to be false.

It is now believed that Annie had never left slums of the Lower East Side of Manhattan. She married and had 11 children, six of whom predeceased her.

When she died of heart failure, aged 50, at her apartment, she was said to have been so obese that firemen had to remove her body through an upstairs window.
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