There are many burial grounds across County Kilkenny some of which are vested in Church bodies and some are in the ownership of Kilkenny County Council. The cemetery featured in my photographs is administered by Kilkenny County Council and it appears to be well maintained.
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Here is an interesting inscription: "Erected to the memory of John Haltigan by the Nationalists of Kilkenny 94 who have known him to make a lifelong struggle for Ireland’s freedom for which crime British law, aided by the Informer, Nagle, consigned him to a living tomb where the fiendish torture of years shattered his vigorous form but failed to subdue his noble spirit. May his unselfish patriotism be imitated until Ireland is once again a Nation. He died 10th July, 1884 aged 66 years. Also his wife, Catherine Haltigan, died 19th January, 1899 aged 83 years."
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When I visited this church early in May 2017 I did not get much opportunity to take photographs as there was a very large funeral taking place. It was my intention to revisit the next day but because of poor weather I did not return until August 2018 and then I had other problems. This visit I had planned to photograph the interior but because of a fall I got distracted.
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This old churchyard is known as St. John’s and it is located on Dublin Road not far from Kilkenny railway station. I visited this graveyard a number of times in the past but the weather has always been bad and the light was usually poor. This year things were much better however my camera-lens combination was giving problems.
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In 1934 a number of newspapers reported the following: "Two children were killed and six others were seriously injured on Saturday night when a derelict house in Guard Lane, off the main street of Kilkenny, fell on them. The two killed were Patrick and Christopher Canavan, aged six and eight respectively, the sons of a labourer. They were buried under the debris against a wall opposite the old house. The six children injured are:—Elisabeth Canavan, Garden Row, a cousin of the dead boys; Desmond and John King (brothers), Garden Row ; John Stanch eld, Stephen's Street; Patrick Keating, Poynta Lane, and Joseph Burke, Stephen's Street."
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