I did not intend to visit this area of the city but late in the evening I ended up at St. Kieran's Cemetery and I had a very small camera in my pocket so I took a few photographs even though daylight was fading rapidly.

There are many burial grounds across County Kilkenny some of which are vested in Church bodies and some are in the ownership of Kilkenny County Council. The cemetery featured in my photographs is administered by Kilkenny County Council and it appears to be well maintained.

When I examined an aerial view of Kilkenny back in 2017 this looked like a huge carpark, the type that is used to store cars before delivery to dealers, but as it looked odd I decided to visit only to discover that it is a modern graveyard.

Unless you have a family connection there is no real reason to visit this cemetery, other than to kneel and say a prayer. It does not feature any historic graves and one does not learn much from viewing the headstones.

The cemetery is enclosed within a very low stone wall enclosure which provides no obvious security against anti-social activity which is surprising because my reading of local publications indicate that anti-social activity is an issue in the area. There is a large iron gate which serves no real purpose but as I already noted it is well looked after.

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