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This year I visited Kilkenny in August.

Today [15 August 2018] I introduced Rapidweaver 8 which was launched yesterday.

I have visited Kilkenny every year since 2011 and every visited it rained most of the time. This year we had a heatwave so when I visited Kilkenny it did not rain but the sky was overcast most of the time. On my first day i used a Sony 85mm GM lens and on the second day I used a Sony 24-70mm GM lens

Talbot's Inch Village was a planned village sponsored by Ellen Odette Desart (née Bischoffsheim), fourth Countess of Desart (1857-1933) as accommodation for workers associated with the Kilkenny Woodworkers Company together with the nearby Greenvale Woollen Mills. Built to designs prepared by William Alphonsus Scott (1871-1921) in a characteristic Arts-and-Crafts style.
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Lady Desart presented the newly formed Talbots Inch Handball Club with a site in 1926.The members by voluntary labour helped in the construction of the court. A generous loan from her Ladyship enabled the club to roof the building, while a simple form of agreement was drawn up between the two parties to cover repayment and was known as the Deed of Good Faith.
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Few buildings in Ireland can boast a longer history of continuous occupation than Kilkenny Castle. Founded soon after the Norman conquest of Ireland, the Castle has been rebuilt, extended and adapted to suit changing circumstances and uses over a period of 800 years.
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