The Anti-Austerity Alliance

The Anti-Austerity Alliance

The Anti-Austerity Alliance is a broadly anti-capitalist unregistered political party in Ireland, launched in 2014. It has been registered as a political party to contest local elections, and ran at least forty candidates in the 2014 Irish local elections. This included all of the Socialist Party's sitting councillors, which has led to criticism that the AAA is a front organisation for the Socialist Party.

The party contested the 2014 local elections on a platform of job creation. On 8 April 2014, it launched a plan to create 150,000 jobs across Ireland by replacing the controversial JobBridge and Gateway initiatives with a "real jobs programme of public works, free education and genuine training schemes".

Paul Murphy was elected to Dáil Éireann for Dublin South–West under the Anti-Austerity Alliance banner in October 2014. It also contested the Carlow–Kilkenny by-election, 2015 in May 2015. The AAA candidate in that by-election Conor MacLiam, also of the Socialist Party. MacLiam polled 2,194 first preference votes (3.3% of the total) and came ninth out of 13 candidates.

On 7 August 2015, the party was removed from the Register of Political Parties. It held discussions in August 2015 with the People Before Profit Alliance about forming a new political grouping. On 17 September 2015, the two parties announced that they had formally registered as a single political party for electoral purposes. The new organisation is called the Anti-Austerity Alliance–People Before Profit.

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