I am never happy about trees being cut down but in this instance I do not know the full story and may never do so.

Having read the news about the petition I decided to visit Fairview to see what the fuss was about and also it was a good excuse to visit the area.

According to one local that I spoke to the City Council is planning to remove about fifty trees in order to make way for a new cycle path but a second lady explained that as the trees will be replaced by the Corpo [Dublin City Council] she was not interested in the petition.

As the planting began in 1906 some of the trees are over a hundred years old and according to the City Council officials some of the older trees are distressed because of restricted growing space and need to be felled regardless of their plans for a cycleway.

On the main Fairview road there is a large number of trees marked with yellow bands and I assume that these are the trees destined for the chop. However, according to some online accounts it is the trees along the park’s main footpath that are under threat. I think that some reports have used stock photographs of random trees in the park.

By the way the Irish Times are not in favour of the petition see:

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