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Pearse railway station or Dublin Pearse is a railway station on Westland Row on the Southside of Dublin,

Today, I discovered that a tripod or a gimbal is required if I decide to produce videos.

Cabra Luas stop is located at the northern end of the Broadstone railway cutting, immediately to the north of Connaught Street, which crosses the line on the Liam Whelan bridge, which was rebuilt as part of the construction of the stop. The main entrance is a long ramp leading from the eastern side of the bridge to the middle of the southbound platform (there are also stairs which lead from the middle of the ramp to the end of the platform). A second entrance consists of a pathway leading from the northern end of the stop to the nearby Mount Bernard Park.

The cutting is somewhat wider than the stop itself, meaning that there is some leftover space behind the northbound platform. Saplings have been planted in this area in an attempt to reduce the Luas's carbon footprint. Saplings have also been planted on the southbound platform.

I have decided to devote more time to producing videos and am in the process of acquiring suitable equipment and I have ordered a Sony FX30 camera with the option of switching to the new Sony A7RV which is expected at the end of October 2022. However, as the A7RV is much more expensive and is a hybrid rather than a dedicated video camera I very much suspect that I will not get the A7RV.

I have, for many years, an RX0 camera which as small as a matchbox and while I like it the user interface is almost impossible to use and despite its size a tripod is required but there is no way that I am willing to carry a tripod in order to use the camera. Anyway, having noticed that reviewers of the new Sony Sony ZV-1F camera were all using Sony grips I decided to have a look at the Sony GP-VPT2BT [supplied free if you order the new Sony ZV-1F Vlogging camera costing Euro 649.00].

I managed to borrow the grip for a few hours to see how well it works with the RX0. Unfortunately, the grip does not communicate with my version of the RX0 but the GP-VPT2BT worked very well as a mini tripod so I decided to purchase it. I should mention that I decided that I needed it as I have ordered the new Sony FX-30 Video-Centric camera which does communicated with the GP-VPT2BT.

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