During 2023 I hope to include much more video but I have had problems in the past with storage and bandwidth requirements and in general the services that I investigated imposed unacceptable limits and/or conditions.

I was planning to purchase the new Sony A7RV as soon as it became available but as I am more than happy with my Sony A7RIV I am now considering the possibility of buying the recently introduced FX30 instead especially as it is relatively inexpensive.

Sony is marketing the FX30 as a video-centric camera and it has received excellent reviews.

"Sony's acclaimed line-up of Cinema Line cameras sets the standard for filmmaking, with beautiful cinematic imagery, high performance and highly efficient workflow. Enjoy hassle-free shooting with S-Cinetone™ and S-Log3 for high level grading plus numerous other features. The compact FX30 makes filmmaking more accessible than ever for up-and-coming creators."