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Pearse railway station or Dublin Pearse is a railway station on Westland Row on the Southside of Dublin,

Windy Arbour (Na Glasáin) is a small suburban village in the Dundrum area of Dublin, Ireland. Situated between Dundrum and Milltown, along the banks of the Slang River (also known as the Dundrum or Slann River).

The name of the area was originally Irish Na Glasáin, "the green land"; this was Anglicised as 'Glassons'. The name Windy Harbour or Sandy Arbour was later applied, referring to a landing-point on the River Slang. A starch mill was formerly located there. "Arbour" once had the meaning “grass plot, lawn, garden”; it is possible that the name was intended as a direct translation of glasáin.

Perhaps the most famous person to live in Windy Arbour was Irish patriot Robert Emmet, who grew up in The Casino, a manor house that is now known as Emmet House, where the Secretariat of Secondary schools in Ireland is currently housed. It is located next to the Catholic church on Bird Avenue and was formerly known as Carton House.

There is a primary school in Columbanus Estate known as Our Lady's National School, Clonskeagh. The area is served by Windy Arbour Luas stop and by the number 17, 44 and 61 bus routes.

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