I found work by this artist at two locations. The first location was at the Fitzwilton Hotel [I am assuming that this dates from 2018] and the second location was Norris's Corner which featured in the 2019 Waterford Walls festival.

Also, while in Waterford, I discovered that Shane was responsible for an interesting item at Ashfield Road in Ranelagh.

Shane’s first large work was as far back as 1991 when commissioned to fill a warehouse with Art for the new laser shooting game Quasar. A few years later he would start his oil painting while also working in design, motion graphics and video editing.

Shane is an artist and keen creative technology enthusiast and film maker with a wide range of skills in pre and post production that includes animation, editing and photography. He is also an award winning documentary film director with 6 international film festival awards and an IFTA nomination for best editing in 2009.

Oil paintings are typically of urban scenes and a study of lights and reflections and street art usually incorporates large, faceless astronauts with a narrative of ‘That Space in Between’. The title describing the moment you experience after you leave but before you get there. A recent winner at a street art competition with the European Space Agency in the Hague he will be signing his work in weightlessness on Zero-G flight in 2019.
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