I am frequently disturbed from my sleep during the night because of Film Production related activity at Kings Inns or Henrietta Street. Most on the noise is due to power generators parked outside my bedroom window,

If you examine the statues shown in my photographs you may notice some colour and according to information that I received from an official source this is due to the fact that vandals sprayed paint on the statues some time ago.

There are a number of interesting stories relating to various statues at Kings Inns and many are not true. For example it is claimed that these three statues are actually props left be a film crew.

The three statues in my photograph were carved in 1872 for the Great Industrial Exhibition on Exhibition Place at Earlsfort Terrace. They've been moved around the city quite a bit over the years and last appeared in what was then Millennium Park (now Barnardo Square) beside the City Hall in the middle of a pond. They represent Irish manufactures in wood, metal and stone.

The was another statue was an allegory of Truth originally in the Four Courts. It survived the shelling of the Four Courts in 1922 and was given to King's Inns for safekeeping only to be knocked over by a delivery van and decapitated. The body is lying in the carpark and the head and arms are in safekeeping pending funding being found for its restoration.

Below is an official account relating to the destroyed statue: “Truth” commonly known as Henrietta, was accidentally knocked off her pedestal in April 2012 by a film truck. Immediately advice was sought from the Society’s Architect, stone and monumental sculpture conservators and from two well respected Architectural Historians (one gave advice on the author of the sculpture (believed not to be any person of significance)), the second gave advice on reinstatement, location, and possible alternative solutions. All the fragments of Henrietta, including her head have been removed to a safe storage place in King’s Inns. The three main pieces have been moved to temporary safety and will be stored in a properly protected storage area within the King’s Inns building as soon as the budget will allow for the hire of a crane. To date, King’s Inns (a private unincorporated association of members) has incurred all the costs involved in the professional advices received. King’s Inns has a working party in place to oversee the replacement / reinstatement of the statue as soon as is feasible. Following the accident (involving a film truck), the King’s Inns Health and Safety Adviser was asked to work on a plan for the occasional use of the grounds by delivery trucks, by film trucks (mainly static once they park in an assigned place) and other vehicular traffic. Advices are awaited. The cost of this advice will be borne in its entirety by King’s Inns.

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