A few weeks ago I intended to photograph this but when arrived I discovered that a gentleman was photographing a topless female model [a difficult task in a public park] so I went elsewhere and returned a few days later.

There was a statue on this granite pedestal but until a few weeks ago I did not who it was. As can be seen from my photographs the inscriptions have been vandalised and are almost impossible to read. The inscriptions may read as follows:
"George William Frederick, Seventh Earl of Carlisle, K.G. Chief Secretary for Ireland, 1835-1841. Lord Lieutenant of Ireland 1855-8 1859-64 Born 1802 Died 1864"."Erected by public subscription 1870"

John Henry Foley was the sculptor. The location was chosen as the Earl had contributed towards the People’s Garden as a place for “the recreation and instruction of the poor of Dublin.”

On July 28th 1958 an explosion badly damaged the statue and it was embedded at least two feet in the soil next to its pedestal.

John Henry Foley RA, often referred to as J. H. Foley, was an Irish sculptor, working in London. he is best known for his statues of Daniel O'Connell in Dublin, and of Prince Albert for the Albert Memorial in London.

In 1957 Foley’s equestrian monument to Lord Gough, regarded as one of the finest sculptures in the Ireland, was badly damaged in an explosion. It was then placed in storage for an extended period but it was eventually relocated to Chillingham Castle in Northumberland, having been sold by the Irish state in 1986.

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