The Smithfield Square Lower commission invited artists to propose an artwork that promotes meaningful interaction between people and place through contemporary sculptural practice. It asked artists to consider how public sculpture can define a space and re-focus people’s attention, enabling a deeper and enduring relationship between residents, workers, tourists, commuters and a city-centre neighbourhood.
The North Circular Road, designated as R101 regional road, is an important thoroughfare on the north-side of Dublin, in Ireland.
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Dublin Bus was established on 2 February 1987, when Córas Iompair Éireann was split into 3 subsidiaries, Dublin Bus, Bus Eireann and Irish Rail. In September 2011, Dublin Bus received a significant technological upgrade with its introduction of real time passenger information.
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The Artist: "My ceramic sculptures are an exploration of colour and texture. The idea of connection is central to my practice; both in terms of how my pieces connect to each other and how they connect to the spaces they exist in."
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Note I have yet to update to Ver 2.5.

Some photographers like to shoot in RAW in order to allow better, more detailed photos. But the magic of RAW files is kept locked away to those that know how to properly process them. Halide’s Instant RAW lets you immediately capture shots with more detail, dynamic range and an authentic look — of course you need to have suitable post-processing software such as Adobe Lightroom.
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Sculpture in Context is currently taking place in Dublin’s National Botanic Gardens through 15 October. In its 35th year, this event brings together the works of over 140 artists, resulting in a presentation of unique art and perspectives. This show is an important event in the Irish arts calendar as the longest running, largest and most important sculpture exhibition in the country.
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It is a while since I photographed a pub so I decided to check if the Back Page has survived and recovered from lockdown.

A Vietnamese friend, she is/was a huge fan of Christiano Ronaldo, asked my why this pub is named the Back Page. As I knew that it is famous for being sports-centric [especially soccer] and making a guess, I explained that football results were usually to be seen on the back page of evening newspapers. I did tell her that it was a guess but she was happy enough with my answer ... if you know better let me know.

She then asked why do they have a big sign saying that Ronaldo is a fish, she assumed that it was some sort of insult. As I know nothing about sport and had yet to see the sign I had no answer to that question. The sign actually reads "This Fella Ronaldo Is A Cod" ... this is way too complicated for me to explain.
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The stop is located in the cutting which once took heavy rail trains to Dublin Broadstone railway station but lay disused for many years. The stop is in-between Cabra Road and North Circular Road, both of which cross the line on bridges. The cutting is very narrow at this point, and the stop is bound by steep walls on each side covered with stone bricks. The edge platforms are considerably narrower than on most Luas stops, and have shelters, benches, information displays and Leap card validators.
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I have seen Rosemount Road described as a 'hipster haven" in the property section of the Irish Time and I must admit that I do not fully understand the description.

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Today did not go well as something went wrong with my Zeiss Batis 25mm lens. Not long after I went for a walk in the city centre it started to vibrate and at the same time making a grinding noise. The problem could only be resolved by removing the batteries but after about fifteen minutes the cycle would repeat. The camera body was damaged back in 2018 when I had a bad fall, damaging a number of ribs, while photographing in Belfast so I suspect that the body rather than the lens is the problem.
There is also a hungry tree nearby at Kings Inns Public Park.

I have walked along this road many times and never noticed this plant before. It was not the plant that caught my attention but the reflections from the brass fittings on the doors on the opposite side of the street.
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Great Western Square consists of three red-brick terraces of uniform design arranged around a green. Great Western Villas runs parallel to the southern side of Great Western Square. The square retains a neat orderly quality and unique secluded atmosphere. The spire of the Gothic Revival St. Peter’s Church can been seen to the north. The houses were built in 1884 adjacent to the Broadstone Railway Line for the employees of the railway.
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Aerosol Work for Dublin City Council and Grangegorman Development. This gallery is located at Upper Grangegorman.
Because of my programme of city visits I have not paid much attention to what is happening in Dublin late June so I came across this by accident.
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