For many months I planned to be in Belfast for Brexit week with the intention of leaving the city on the last train to Dublin before the UK, including Northern Ireland, left the EU on the 29th. March. I assume that you all know what actually happened.

On the Saturday before I travelled to Belfast i purchased a Voigtlander 40mm lens. On the Tuesday I visited the area of Belfast where the Ulster University is located. As Phase two of a #250 million development project at York Road is underway I had hoped to get some photographs but I had a very bad fall and my new Voigtlander took the full force of the fall and while it is so well built that it only suffered a minor scratch by unfortunately for me my ribs did not fare nearly as well.

By this weekend I had recovered sufficiently to allow me to properly experiment with the Voigtlander so I decided to visit the new Grangegorman College Campus which will not be completed for another two or three years.

TU Dublin, in conjunction with the Grangegorman Development Agency, Health Service Executive and Dublin City Council is developing a new unified campus which is located at Grangegorman in Dublin’s North West Inner city close to my apartment. The campus will eventually bring together the University's core and supporting activities in a single vibrant environment, integrating with the strategic development of Dublin City and providing a range of facilities for Students and Staff, for industry and the wider community. Together with the existing Campus in Blanchardstown and Tallaght this will be the heart of the new Technological University Dublin.

According to a Belfast newspaper litigation between Ulster University and the Lagan Somague JV meant that the opening of the campus would be delayed until 2022. It is interesting to note that the Grangegorman development has been delayed in a similar manner.