Today I used a Sony Batis 25mm and it is my favourite lens even though it might not be my best lens.

I could be wrong but this is/was locally known as the Long Stone. If you search for the “Long Stone” in Google it is most likely that you will find information relating to a local pub rather than this sculpture

The Steine structure was erected in 1986 and was sculpted by Cliodhna Cussen. It was removed for a few years because of construction works associated with the new Luas cross-city tram service. The original installation included a granite inscribed plaque and a bronze plaque on a circular shaft set into granite setts arranged in eight circular bands around the principal granite shaft. When I photographed it immediately after the restoration bronze plate was missing but as you can see it is now there but the original setts have not been restored.

The stone is erected on a site near which stood a famous Long Stone or Steine / Steyne standing 12-14 feet high and erected by the Viking inhabitants of Dublin in the 10th or 11th centuries.

The River Liffey was much broader then and the stone actually stood close to the shoreline and perhaps marked a landing place.

The 3.35m high granite shaft is carved with two faces, one of which represents Ivor the first Viking King of Dublin who ruled in the 9th century. The other face is that of a nun and commemorates the convent of St. Mary Hogges, which stood nearby in the middle ages.
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