Erected in Dún Laoghaire in 1900 to commemorate the visit to Ireland of Queen Victoria, and seriously damaged in the 1980s, this fountain was recently restored. The fountain was one of a large number celebrating Queen Victoria erected in Ireland and throughout other British colonies to a standardised design by Glasgow manufacturers Walter McFarland & Co. That company has since ceased trading but much of its business was inherited by another Scottish firm, Industrial Heritage, who were responsible for the structure’s repair and restoration.
Today I noticed an amazing number of contrails in the sky indicating the huge number of jets that fly through Irish airspace. While photographing a gentleman approached me to inform me that the jets were spraying poison on the general public and as a result we are all slowly dying.

Later I came across the following “We, as the public people, are being poisoned without our knowledge. Government planes are spraying massive quantities of heavy metals and other toxins on the general public. As we sit here being sprayed like insects, we are slowly dying. This phenomenon is known as chemtrails, or chemical aerosol trails sprayed from government aircraft at high altitude. The project was coined Operation Cloverleaf in the 90’s”.

Note: I would argue that there are three ornate drinking fountains in Ireland and a modified structure in Dublin which may have been an ornate fountain:
  1. Richard Russell Fountain In Limerick
  2. Jaffe Fountain In Belfast [almost identical to the Russell Fountain]
  3. Queen Victoria fountain in Dun Laoghaire
  4. 1929 Religious Shrine in the Coombe area of Dublin
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