For me this is the less attractive of the two harbours in Dalkey but that is not to say that it is not attractive and to be honest I would very much like to live in the area.

Bullock Harbour or Bulloch Harbour is a small working harbour located near the heritage town of Dalkey on the southeast coast of Dublin Bay in Ireland.

The current harbour quay and walls were constructed of local granite in the early 19th century where previously a rocky inlet had provided a natural harbour.

There is also a castle which is oblong with a tower at each end, and the archway under the western tower was probably used to pass from one court to another within the boundary walls of the castle. Inside the main door and inner porch is a large barrel-vaulted room originally used for the storage of grain, fish and other goods. A spiral staircase ascends to a series of rooms. On the way up a room on the left may be examined for its sturdy roof construction. I am not sure id the public can access the building [I know, I should have checked].

Bartra Property, despite ongoing protests from various interested parties , has this received permission to build housing units at Bulloch Harbour in Dalkey. It will consist of three three-storey houses, two apartments and a cafe as well as other buildings.

Local People Before Profit TD Richard Boyd Barrett said the decision was “incomprehensible”. “Bulloch Harbour is a unique public amenity used by people of all ages. It is an important part of the heritage of south County Dublin, ” he said.