Dun Laoghaire has changed a lot since I took these photographs and there are many changes on the way especially along George’s Street.

I was employed by Ericsson and based in Dun Laoghaire at the Adelphi Centre from 2001 to 2010 and I really liked the town even though the place was going through a period of urban decline and depression.

When I was there we were based in George’s Street which was going down hill at a rapid pace and the company decision to move from the town must have had a huge impact on the town and especially on the restaurants on the main street.

Before I joined Ericsson I worked for two different companies with offices at Haigh Terrace which became a no-go area at night because of anti-social behaviour related to drug-dealing. Because of the new library complex and the removal of the pond in Moran Park the anti-social problem in the immediate area is no longer an issue even if some locals dislike the library building.

According to a recent report Georges Street is too long as a main street in order to support viable retailing. Therefore, it is proposed that the street be demarcated into distinct quarters: an Interiors Quarter on Lower Georges Street from Cumberland Street to St Michael’s Hospital; the Core Retail Quarter from Bloomfields Shopping Centre to Haigh Terrace; the Commercial & Residential Quarter from Haigh Terrace to Adelphi House; and the Artesian Quarter on Upper Georges Street from Mellifont Avenue to the People’s Park.

Several interventions at street level are required to change the appearance of each quarter and communicate a distinct proposition for each quarter to shoppers and visitors. These interventions will range from the establishment of new town squares; to the creative use of paving, seating, flowerbeds and lighting; to the introduction of new canopies and shading; to the erection of new sculpted features and signage.

It is envisaged that as the development of the retail quarters gain momentum, the demand for retail space will increase. The new mechanisms such as the Property Forum and Retail Forum will be vehicles to focus new retail businesses into clusters for example food and fashion specialty shops in the Artesian Quarter.
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