An obelisk with 4 sundials with a drinking fountain at its base, built in 1790 by the Duke of Rutland, the Lord Lieutenant. The architect Francis Sandys was responsible for a number of public fountains in Dublin.

I was told by a local that it was an old custom that funeral processions passing the fountain would circle it three times before carrying on to the cemetery [I would take that with a pinch of salt].

I have recently noticed that some people are now complaining online and elsewhere about the lack of fountains in Dublin. In my travels around the city I have come across fountains and would describe them as many and varied. They range, in type and style, from elaborate Victorian masterpieces and modern sculptures to more modest, practical installations. The bad news is that many of the older fountains have fallen into disuse and lie, long forgotten and derelict, in overlooked corners of the city. I have also noticed that many are dry.

I am now in the process of photographing as many as possible and I will publish the resulting photographs here.

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