Born in Barcelona, Mercè Cañadell studied Ceramics and Sculpture in Massana School of Art & Design from 1990-93.

Since then she has continued studying different techniques and the use of different materials, covering mould making, sculptural ceramics, carved wood and painted textiles.

She has been in Ireland since 2002.

An important part of her artistic development involved metal work and casting bronze in Barcelona and in Dublin. She is an artist that enjoys working in different media. Her sculptures in bronze and ceramics have been exhibited regularly in galleries throughout Ireland and Dublin.


Ayelet is a Dublin-based Irish artist. She specialise in decorative and colourful sculpture and graphic art.


Mercè Cañadell studied Ceramics and Sculpture in Massana School of Art & Design from 1990-93.


Today I Used An Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

Photographed using an iPhone 12 Pro Max plus the Halide App.

Last Monday I visited the Botanic Gardens to the indoor section of the Sculpture In Context exhibition and was told to come back at the weekend as public access was not possible on weekdays. Today, Sunday 10 October 2021, I visited again to be informed that it is closed on Sundays ... I must admit that I was under the impression that the weekend included Sunday.

Anyway, as I decided to walk around the gardens using my iPhone 12 Pro Max.

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