The National Botanic Gardens of Ireland are an oasis of calm and beauty, and entry is free. A premier scientific institution, the gardens contain important collections of plant species and cultivars from all over the world. The National Botanic Gardens in Dublin are located in Glasnevin, just three kilometres from Dublin City Centre, and are famous for the exquisitely restored historic glasshouses. The National Botanic Gardens in Wicklow are located in Kilmacurragh, where the milder climate, higher rainfall, and deeper, acidic soils of this historic Wicklow garden, provide a counterpoint to the collections at Glasnevin. The two gardens have been closely associated since 1854.

The National Botanic Gardens of Ireland are operated and managed by the Office of Public Works.

Earlier in this year I purchase a Voigtlander 40mm lens and according to many reviewers it is one of the best lenses available for E-Mount cameras but unfortunately, for me, it is 100% manual so a certain degree of skill is required in order the achieve the best results.

I first used it when I visited Belfast in March but I had a very bad fall and damaged three ribs, my camera and the Voigtlander lens and as a result have not really used it since returning to Dublin.

Today I decided to visit the Botanic Gardens and experiment with the Voigtlander 40mm lens and while it is not easy to use I really do like it.

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